We Hold the Cold

Cold Curtain, Inc

Walk-through strip curtains can be installed in any opening where there is a need to separate two areas and control the transmission of light, temperature, dust, or insects.


Custom On-Site Fabrication and Installation of Environmental Barriers

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Cold Curtain, Inc

35333 Bend Road

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Phone: 225-907-7602

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E-mail: johnny.mcintire@coldcurtain.com




1. Walk-in Coolers

2. Walk-in Freezers

3. Refrigerated Trucks

4. Warehouse Doors

5. Stockroom Doors

6. Non-Refrigerated Personnel Doors

7. Weld Screens

8. Vent Hoods

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We offer:

 Onsite Custom Installation

 Built to fit Kits

 Onsite Maintenance

 Complete Turnkey Services

 Custom Product development for unique applications


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Sliding Curtains


Walk-in Cooler



We also have a sliding curtain for the rear door so trucks and trailers.

We can custom fabricate and install the curtains on your site or build them to your specifications and ship them to you in an easy to install kit form. Replacement strips are available also.


For openings up to 10 feet tall we recommend using our 8 inch wide Scratch Resistant material. We have a standard grade material for coolers and rear doors and a low temperature grade material for freezers. The low temperature grade material will stay flexible up to 30 degrees below zero.